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Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Blog Or Article For FREE !

Not all the content writers get a decent budget to promote their blogs. There will be owners who will ask for the best results without spending a single penny and that's alright. After all, they too have to take care of their businesses and work according to the revenue they make. This challenge becomes even bigger if you choose to join a new SEO content writing company in Delhi. Budget is going to be among the biggest problems.


However, that never means you cannot manage to get traffic to your posts. With a few smart strategies, you can definitely improve results. In this blog, I have discussed some useful tips that will help you bring traffic to your website for free. Here you go:

Write What People Search For

If you want more eyes on your post, you have to offer something more than what you have been doing so far. Forget the old patterns followed by your SEO content writing company in Delhi and start focusing on bringing organic reach by offering what people may look for. You can pick a trending topic and write about it. how-to-increase-traffic

For instance, the world these days is dealing with a pandemic named Coronavirus. So, you can simply put Corona, Coronavirus, or Covid-19 in the search box and look at autosuggest. As you type a term in the box, Google suggests a few possible topics or questions that are frequently asked by users. Though it may not be possible to include these terms and questions all over the content, you can still plan some specific part of the article around these terms.

Use Relevant Keywords

Don't underestimate the power of a relevant keyword as it can be the game changer! You only write what you want to talk about. But if you use the right keywords at the right places, you can easily get more visitors for free.


However, it is important to take care of the competition as well. Keyword research will help. You can also discuss the same with the SEO team at your content writing agency Delhi as they will be able to tell you better about the estimated competition, volume of search, click through rates, etc.

Add Links For Related Posts

You have been probably doing this in the past as well. Keep up the same practice. Keep your visitors' interest in mind and provide links to older posts that are related to the article. Don't just link to random articles in order to meet a guideline or part of a strategy. Relevancy is important.


Adding links to other relevant posts will not just influence your visitors to explore more on your website but also improve the reliability of your content writing agency Delhi. They will be engaged to your site for longer than expected and feel like reading more of your blogs. All in all, internal linking is never a bad idea!

Optimize It For Searches

After keyword research, you need to optimize your content well and prepare it for searches. Planning your article around those terms will not be enough. You should also incorporate some keywords in the URL, meta tags, headlines, image metadata, and heading tags. And, you are all set!

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