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7 Tips For Creating A Worthy Mobile-First Site

Achieving a mobile-first success is not everyone's cup of tea. It takes lots of dedication and hard work to create a great mobile site. Everything should be in place in a manner that your users love browsing it. If you have no idea of how to do this, you can learn a lot from this easy guide. Google has introduced many new updates for mobile-first websites. If you regularly follow Google's SEO updates, you must be aware of the fact that optimising for mobile users is much more than design. So, what are the things to consider?


Things To Consider While Designing A Mobile Site

SEO is the only term that will pave your way. After all, there is a lot of SEO involved while designing a mobile-first website. You may wonder:

  • What things should I consider for designing a good mobile site?
  • How can I ensure that my mobile site engages its users?
  • How can I improve my users' mobile experience?

Don't worry; it is not as complicated as you think. In case you find it difficult, you can seek help from a website company in Delhi. Here are a few things you must consider:

#1 Prefer A Top-Down Approach

A mobile site must be developed with a mobile-first mindset. If there is an approach that works the best for mobile users, it is the top-down approach.

#2 Keep Google Mobile SEO Guidelines In Mind

Don't forget important SEO related things such as page speed, proper image optimization, mobile content, cross platform, avoiding pop-ups, cross display compatibility, etc. You can reach a Delhi SEO company for assistance.

#3 Text Size Is Important

Don't underestimate the power of an easily readable text. Without keeping the text size perfect for mobile users, you cannot expect traffic on your site. Right text size will also help you communicate in a better way.

#4 Home Page Should Be Easily Accessible

You should also make sure to provide a dedicated home icon on each page. If your website design company in Noida doesn't do this, your users will prefer switching to some other site that allows them to easily get back to home page.

#5 Avoid Forced Registrations

You should avoid putting a login wall with a registration form right after a user enters your website. If you force registration, you won't be able to earn goodwill among users. Even if there is a form, you must keep it at the right place, and not at the entry. A website company in Delhi can help you with that.

#6 Design Must Be Seamless

A seamless design is the one that works for all devices irrespective of their platforms. You should try to create a design that combines the mobile and desktop elements. Doing so, you can ensure that your users won't get confused while switching between the devices.

#7 Mobile Menus

Mobile menus must be easily accessible and designed keeping the smaller screens in mind. It will enhance user experience and keep your users hooked to the site.

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